Compassionate nurse? Creative fundraiser? Dynamic shop manager? Whatever your skills, you could flourish and grow at Princess Alice Hospice.

Find yourself at Princess Alice Hospice

If you think only nurses and doctors work in hospices, think again. Because, to make us tick, we need people with a wide variety of skills and experience. We champion fair and equal treatment for everyone and actively celebrate diversity and the benefits it brings. We continually strive to create an inclusive environment for our patients, their families, our employees and our volunteers.

Find your place

We recruit in a range of different departments – including those listed below. Volunteering roles are available in most of these areas, as well as some others.
Fundraising, Marketing and Communications; ICT; Accounts; Executive office; Housekeeping; Catering; Facilities; People services; Spiritual care and Bereavement; Education and Research; In-Patient-Unit; Hospice at Home

Reach your full potential

Below are some of the ways that we can help you flourish.


Take your first step towards a fulfilling career with real prospects.

Leadership and management training

Develop the skills and qualities you need not just to lead but to inspire.

Graduate Traineeships

Choose a career where the rewards are guaranteed. We’ll challenge and stretch you and help you become an outstanding member of your team.


We can offer personal coaching to help you build better relationships at work, cope with challenges and manage stress.

What our team say

96%of staff are proud to work for Princess Alice Hospice

98%of staff would, if a friend or relative needed treatment, be happy with the standard of our care

92%of staff feel like they're making a difference

Source: Staff ‘Birdsong Survey’ Oct 2020.

And here’s a few of the reasons why:
We’ll always encourage and inspire you to excel in your job.
We’ll nurture the skills you have and help you develop new ones.
We’ll value you and take pride in what you do and achieve.
You’ll work in an environment free of judgement where you’ll be respected for being who you are.