​Princess Alice Hospice is a centre of excellence. Can we improve on excellent? Absolutely. Every day we're improving our services. And we've made it our mission to reach even more people with the expert end of life care everyone deserves.

One simple aim

Many people think that hospices are all about dying. We disagree. We believe that end of life care is about helping people live every moment to the full in comfort and dignity. It’s about creating a space whether in our Hospice or at home where families can enjoy special moments and create precious memories together.

A strategy for our future: innovate, improve, inspire


As we look to the future, our vision remains the same and we continue to place people at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that we live in a time of uncertainty and change. Our new strategy provides us with the ability to adapt and develop, ensuring we remain focused on our long-term vision:

Our communities will have the best care and support before, during and after death.

We’ve identified the four overarching priorities below, that will support our vision and underpin, sustain and develop our vital work now and in the future.

Priority 1: Developing and expanding our specialist care

graphic showing a patient in a Hospice bed talking to a member of staffWe’ll provide and develop our outstanding, personalised, specialist end of life care by adapting our models of care and broadening access to our community services, focusing on providing the right care, by the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

Priority 2: Empowering people in our communities who are caring for people at the end of life

graphic showing a person answering their front door to a Hospice nurseWe’ll make sure people feel supported and champion equity of access to support and advice for people who need them, so that they can help others who are faced with death, dying, grief and loss.

Priority 3: Enhancing our education, research and learning programmes to encourage and support an environment for innovation

graphic of a person stood next to a flip chartWe’ll make sure people are supported and cared for at the end of life by health and social care professionals who have the right skills, expertise and confidence.

Priority 4: Enhancing our collaborative influence in palliative and end of life care through leadership and advocacy

graphic of medical professionals outside a hospital entranceWe’ll improve end of life care for everyone facing death, dying, loss and bereavement.

Families together

Princess Alice Hospice provides a comprehensive range of services that respond to the individual needs of patients and their families, so that they can live life to the full, create memories, share special moments and when the time comes, support them through, before and after the death of a loved one.

Watch our animated film based on a true story to see how we are supporting families together…


Princess Alice Hospice has a duty of care and a duty to the health and social care systems to raise concerns whenever safeguarding of children and adults is a potential issue.  Within the Hospice it is considered good practice to have ‘safeguarding’ high on the agenda, and questions are often asked early in a potential crisis situation.   We are aware that very often the deterioration of a patient can lead a carer to struggle to cope and can create more stress.   This way of working means that a lot of preventative work is carried out with families which often prevents the crisis situation and the need to ‘safeguard’ a situation.