We're dedicated to working with you and your family to provide outstanding end of life care at home, or in our hospice in Esher.

How we care for you and your family

You and your family will have a team of experts dedicated to your care and wellbeing.

As well as your medical needs, we can help with emotional issues, financial concerns, practical problems and lots more. We work closely together to make sure that your care is coordinated and, most importantly, built around you and your family. We also work alongside your other carers, such as your GP and hospital team.

As a hospice, we believe that everyone has the right to skilled, compassionate end of life care. That’s why we are a charity and our services are free of charge.

For most people, there’s only one place they want to be at the end of their life – at home. Being in familiar surroundings with the people (and pets) we love is important to most of us. So it’s not surprising that, at any given time, we’re caring for around 800 patients in their own home, or care home.

Care in the hospice

Our Hospice is a comforting and compassionate space where you and your family will feel welcome and supported. We have 24 light, airy rooms, en suite facilities and access to beautiful gardens or peaceful decking and courtyard areas. There are plenty of places for you to enjoy time together… in the grounds, the dining room, coffee shop and children’s playroom.

We understand this is an important time for you and your family – time you want to spend together. So we keep visiting hours very flexible and can also offer families overnight accommodation. We even welcome your pets – their visits can be very therapeutic!

During your stay, we can also offer you and your carers training to help improve your quality of life and maintain your independence once you leave the hospice.

Most patients are with us for short periods to remedy or manage symptoms that are difficult to treat at home. For others the hospice is the best place for their end of life care. On average, patients stay with us for around 10 days.


Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre, based at the hospice, brings together a range of specialised outpatient services and activities for people in the community. Our aim is to help give you and your carer the best possible quality of life by managing your symptoms, building your confidence and helping you take back control of your lives.

If you’re referred by a healthcare professional, one of our team will meet with you to decide which part of the programme best suits the needs of you and your carer.

We offer a range of activities – from one-hour outpatient appointments to full day support. You can access nursing, therapy, social and spiritual support from our team of staff and volunteers. You’ll also be able to spend time with other patients who are going through similar experiences and enjoy activities such as art, crafts and yoga.

Man Shed

If you are someone who doesn’t want to access our traditional support services, but would like someone to talk to whilst working on hands-on projects, then our Man Shed might be the place for you.

The idea for the Man Shed started in 2014, when it was noted that some groups of people were less likely to access the support offered by the Hospice. Inspired by the ‘Men Sheds’ concept in Australia, the idea was to have an informal place of support where patients, carers and relatives could get together and talk about life, death and anything in between, whilst engaging in projects in the shed.

The Hospice launched a fundraising appeal and raised £112,000 to build a shed in its grounds, with local businesses donating wood and equipment. The Shed was opened in June 2016, and has since had hundreds of people attend its sessions. The Man Shed has also helped to generate income for the Hospice, raising thousands of pounds through selling products made by the ’Shedders’.

The Man Shed provides an alternative to more formal support, and allows people to come together and spend time with people in similar situations. It also creates an opportunity for people to learn new skills; whether it’s basic DIY or computer literacy skills. The sessions have no rules, and there is no pressure to talk about anything if you just want to get on with your woodwork.

The Man Shed is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for men, and Tuesdays for ladies. There are also some mixed sessions. To find out more and to book in, please email manshed@pah.org.uk.