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What to expect if you are a patient

We are here to help you to feel better and live for each moment.


We thought the best people to explain what you can expect from Princess Alice Hospice would be our patients. So we asked them to share what we did that made a difference to them and what it was like when they first came through the doors of the Hospice. Then we asked our staff to share what makes our Hospice such a special place. Here is what they had to say…


The loss of independence is a huge thing to come to terms with; with the support of the Hospice team I have worked towards keeping some independence within the limits of my condition. I can still make a cup of tea, prepare a casserole and when up against time I can use microwave meals.




We prepare everything fresh on site. For us, it’s not just about cooking, it’s about making patients’ lives as normal as possible.

Allan, Catering Manager


The most important thing that Emma, my Princess Alice Nurse provides is that of being a ‘listener’, she answers all my questions and allays my fears.



For me being at Princess Alice Hospice is about being able to say ‘Yes’. Yes, your family and friends can visit whenever they like. Yes, they can stay overnight. Yes, these doors open wide enough to get your wheelchair or bed outside. Yes, we can help you with those forms. Yes, we have someone here you can talk to.

Roz, Staff Nurse


We had not anticipated the Hospice providing such amazing opportunities.




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