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Princess Alice Together2Care

Launched in September 2015, Together2Care has seen Princess Alice Hospice working with Milverton Nursing Home in Surbiton to trial an innovative approach to palliative care.



The six-month project enables those patients who need round-the-clock nursing and palliative care to be supported in the comfort of their nursing home bed.   Our partnership with Milverton Nursing Home, and sharing of resources, ensures that more patients can die in familiar surroundings rather than on a hospital ward.


The nursing home has provided access to and support for two beds so that we can deliver our Hospice at Home service.  Delivered on site, this multi-disciplinary medical and nursing care means that patients no longer need to undertake a stressful journey and admission to hospital to gain the care they need.


To further support the Together2Care project, we have provided the nursing home’s team with comprehensive training in palliative and end of life care.  This has included shadowing our Ward staff for three days a week over the course of six months.


Together2Care is part of our wider strategy to learn from and ‘upskill’ other providers in order to ensure that patients benefit from the right skills at the right time in the right place.


We hope that this pilot project will be the first of many mutually beneficial partnerships with local nursing homes.


carerLesley Spencer, Princess Alice Hospice’s Director of Patient Care and Strategic Development said:


“By co-ordinating our services with Milverton Nursing Home there should be no need for patients to undergo the upheaval of an ambulance journey to hospital.  Instead they can now choose to die in their familiar surroundings and the nursing home will be able to look after patients with far more complex needs. Our team will be on hand to provide practical care for the patients when they need us. For patients and their loved ones this is a far gentler way to say goodbye.”