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Princess Alice Hospice at Home

Princess Alice Hospice at Home

Princess Alice Hospice at Home gives you, our patient, access to the high quality, compassionate care you need in the place you most want to be.  The service brings the skills and expertise of our team of highly-trained professionals – specialist palliative doctors, nurses, social workers, welfare advisors, chaplain and therapists – straight into your home and gives you, your family and your carers access to the vital support that’s needed at this difficult time.

The Home team can be contacted on 01372 461804 from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours and at weekends support and advice is available via “Careline” on 020 8744 9414.

Four elements make up Princess Alice Hospice at Home:

Princess Alice Community Care

Our Princess Alice Nurses are usually the first point of contact you will have with our Hospice and its services. They include trained CNSs (Clinical Nurse Specialists), specialist staff nurses and health care assistants. Working closely with GPs and other local healthcare professionals, with the support of our own team of specialist doctors, they care for more than 800 patients in the community at any one time.

Your nurse will visit you at your home. They will assess your needs; meet your carer and family and begin the process of planning and coordinating ongoing care from the specialist team at the Hospice. The care can include: relief of symptoms, therapy, spiritual care, psychological and emotional support, and practical financial advice.  It all depends on what is best for you.

  • Last year we cared for more than 2,800 people in the community and our Princess Alice Nurses made more than 10,000 home visits.

Princess Alice Rapid Response

If you need immediate attention when you are referred to us, our dedicated Rapid Response Nurse is on call to help.  Driving to your home within hours, the nurse will assess your condition, providing advice on symptom control and support to help you and your family to cope. If necessary the nurse will call on our wider specialist team to help you.


If you need urgent additional help at night, our dedicated Night Response team is only a phone call away and will be with you within 2 hours to provide critical support.

  • Last year our Rapid Response Nurse answered 146 calls for help and our Night Response team helped over 100 patients in their homes.

Princess Alice Night Nursing

The responsibility and emotional demands of looking after someone with a life-threatening illness at home is exhausting. Our Night Nurses are there to provide your family and carers with a much needed overnight break.  Staying by your side from 10pm to 7am our nurses work from pre-prepared care plans, based on our detailed knowledge of your condition. They can quickly respond to any changes in your needs.

  • We are now able to provide Night Nursing cover.

Princess Alice Enhanced Support

If, while you are at home, you suffer a significant change in symptoms which could put you at risk of urgent admission to hospital, we will bring our Enhanced Support service to bear.  This service creates a “virtual” hospice bed at your home and puts you under the care of a bespoke team of specialists who are focused on your requirements. Depending on your needs the daily support can include home visits by one or more members of our wider specialist team.  If you no longer require this intense level of care, you will be “discharged” to normal levels of support.

  • Since its launch in 2013, Enhanced Support has helped more than 200 of our patients.  The service is  on offer seven days a week.    


Last year, our constant, compassionate and caring support enabled 995 patients to die in the place they wanted to be – at home among family and friends. Our multi-professional, whole-person care and support also meant that 228 of the 619 patients admitted to our Hospice were able to be discharged home to be cared for by our Community Team.  With increasing demand for our help, we will continue to develop Princess Alice Hospice at Home – providing high quality compassionate care where, and when, our patients need it.


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