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Our nurses

All our nurses bring a wealth of compassion, skills and experience to ensure are patients have the best possible quality of life.

Most of our patients are cared for in the comfort of their own home by our expert multi-professional team. Central to this team are our Princess Alice Nurses. They are highly qualified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) who will visit you at home to plan your care. This may include pain and symptom relief, emotional support, and practical advice to help you, your family and carers to cope better.


At Princess Alice Hospice there is a dedicated team of nurses caring for patients staying at our in-patient unit. They provide a high-level of nursing care to relieve pain and distressing symptoms and improve quality of life. They also play a vital role in supporting carers and families.


For me it is about being able to say ‘Yes’. Yes, your family can visit whenever they like. Yes, they can stay overnight. Yes, these doors open wide enough to get your bed outside. Yes, we can help you with those forms.

Roz, Staff Nurse




Are you interested in a career as a Princess Alice Hospice Nurse? Take a look at our full list of vacancies.


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