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Volunteer training

A volunteer during a training session

Our volunteers make an enormous contribution to all areas of Princess Alice Hospice and without them, we simply couldn’t offer the care and services that we do.


We value the contribution that each and every volunteer makes to the Hospice and we ensure that they are prepared for the role they are carrying out by providing training appropriate to the role.


Prior to committing to becoming a volunteer, we encourage you to attend our Introduction to Volunteering events. Once appointed, every volunteer is invited to attend Group Induction at the Hospice to understand more about Princess Alice Hospice, our mission and values and the services that we offer. You will also receive an induction from your manager, specific to your role.


Certain roles have additional training requirements, for example to become a Chaplaincy or Bereavement Support volunteer you must undertake a 12-week training programme (one day per week). We also make a variety of other training available to all volunteers, for example our Sage and Thyme course that helps volunteers to deal with difficult or distressing situations.


 The rewards for volunteering in terms of personal and professional development, friendship and community spirit far exceed any expectations I may have had and outweigh my very meagre few hours per week.


Emma, Volunteer Complementary Therapist

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