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Thinking about volunteering?

There are so many ways that you can volunteer, and every minute of your time will go towards helping us to deliver vital care for those who need it.

Introduction to Volunteering

Come meet the volunteer team and find out more about volunteering opportunities. These events last approximately 1 hour and are held at the Hospice.  To book please contact us on 01372 461856 or email

  • Wednesday 6th December 10am
  • Tuesday 16 January at 10am
  • Tuesday 13 February at 6pm
  • Wednesday 14 March 10am
  • Monday 16 April at 6pm

What our volunteers do

Our volunteers run reception, our welcome team, the coffee shop, our flowers service and maintain the Hospice gardens. Our Day Services are supported by volunteers and 70% of outpatients rely on our volunteer drivers. We have a team of volunteer therapists who provide a range of therapies to our patients.

Volunteers serve tea and coffee on the ward every day. Our chaplaincy and bereavement services could not provide the care they do without the highly trained volunteers. As well as all these roles, volunteers provide administrative support to all departments across the Hospice.

In the community, volunteers are supporting patients as Hospice Neighbours and Carer’s Companions as well as enabling our events to run safely and effectively.

We have over 520 volunteers in our 44 shops. Without their support, we could not run the shops and generate the considerable funds that retail contribute.


Listen to some of our volunteers who already share their passions with us, including gardening and music therapy (and also working in a charity shop of course!)

“You meet so many people – it is my way of giving back. I have made friends and it is good to be part of a team.”

Chris, Shop Volunteer


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