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As a centre of excellence, our aim is to improve palliative and end of life care for everyone.

Our team of consultants, doctors, nurses and therapists make a vital contribution to research, networks and initiatives to improve care for the dying. They regularly present at conferences and publish their research in peer-reviewed journals achieving national and international recognition for their work.

In 2013 we developed a three-year research strategy through organisational consensus.┬áThis aimed to create a culture of enquiry and ensure the development of research is tailored to the Hospice’s five-year plan.

The first phase of the strategy was to undertake a review of the literature to identify gaps in evidence. We then considered the gaps in evidence alongside our organisational strategy to identify research areas for consideration. The second phase of our approach was to convene a research strategy workshop with representation from departments across the Hospice. Through discussion and consensus decision making, the three key areas to explore as a focus for future research were identified as:

1. partners and families

2. non-malignant disease

3. health promotion in palliative care.

By using an organisation consensus approach we aim to encourage research throughout the organisation. There are a range of benefits to organisational concensus.

  • Encourages individual and organisational development.
  • Decisions are more representative of the organisation.
  • Creates more collective ownership.
  • More likelihood of success with organisation representation on steering groups.
  • Promotes a culture of enquiry.

We now have three projects in development in each of the key areas.

Our Research Team

Dr Jennifer Todd

Jennifer works as a Palliative Medicine Consultant at Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust and Princess Alice Hospice. She is the Medical Lead for research at the Hospice and chairs the quarterly Research Committee meetings. Her main interest is in quantitative research, she has been the Principal Investigator for a number of research projects at the Hospice (PiPS 1, Effentora Phase 111b /1V study, Abstral registry) and has also supported a number of in-house projects and MSc students undertaking research modules.

Dr Liz Reed, Research Lead

Liz is responsible for the organisational research strategy, development and management of internal research projects. Before going into research, Liz was a palliative care Clinical Nurse Specialist in a variety of settings (Hospital, Hospice and community). She was awarded her PhD in 2012 which was researching the experience of women living with metastatic breast cancer. Liz has extensive experience in qualitative research methods; narrative interviewing, semi-structured interviewing, focus group facilitation as well as some experience in quantitative research methods.


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