Running with others can add even more fun to Santa Fun Run... so why not round up a few people and join in together?

5k with your friends...

Reasons why you and your friends should join our 5k:

  • Friends push you to go harder and encourage you not to quit
  • Friends hold you accountable – if you have planned to meet your friend for a walk/jog/run then you are more likely to stick to it
  • You get to spend some quality time together whilst getting fit
  • It’s a great sense of achievement raising money together for a good cause
  • You will be making a head start on starting your new year’s resolutions of living a healthier lifestyle
  • You get to do something fun with your friends and dress up as Santas or other festive fancy dress!

Many families and friends like to plan a run as part of their annual Christmas celebrations, often in memory of a loved one. Why not do the same?