Running in your bubbles with family, friends or colleagues can add even more fun to our Santa Fun Run... so why not round a few people up and sign up together? Even though we must socially distance this year, you can still organise to run together – apart. The more the merrier!

Please ensure you follow and read the latest government guidelines when gathering with friends and family.

The benefits of joining a family fun run

  • It’s good for the mind and body. Running does wonders for your bones and lungs, and really boosts your immune system. An active lifestyle also makes people more mentally alert, which promotes learning.
  • Family bonding time. Training and running together is a great way to instil togetherness and keep one another motivated.
  • Fundraising for a charity. Not only are you bonding with your family and doing wonders for your physical and mental health but you are also running for a purpose, which gives you and your family a great sense of achievement.
  • Being part of something bigger than you are. Whether it’s running on your own or in a park near others it is the sense of being part of something bigger than you. The rewards are amazing; people are smiling and feeling proud of what they are achieving.

Reasons why you and your friends should join one of our 5k fun runs

  • Friends push you to go harder and encourage you not to quit
  • Friends hold you accountable – if you have planned to meet your friend for a walk/jog/run then you are more likely to stick to it compared to if you had planned a run on your own
  • You get to spend some quality time together whilst getting fit
  • Because you can’t meet your friends for a meal or a cinema trip, you will be meeting them to train; this helps you save some extra money for the Christmas period or donate what you save to the Hospic
  • It’s a great sense of achievement raising money together for a good cause
  • You will be making a head start at working off some of that ‘Christmas weight’ we will all be putting on and kick starting your new year’s resolutions of living a healthier lifestyle
  • You get to do something fun with your friends and dress up as Santas or other festive fancy dress!

A few benefits of running with your colleagues

  • Many people spend a huge chunk of their day working remotely apart from their colleagues, so what better way to re-group? You can keep each other on track and motivated by tracking your training and utilising lunch breaks for training jogs or runs
  • Running with your colleagues is great for team building and can bring the team closer
  • Instead of using your corporate budget on team building days out, you can use that budget to raise money for a good cause instead. How about some volunteer day leafleting leading up to the main event and helping us spread the word about this year’s Virtual Santa Fun Run