Running our Hospice and services in the community costs £10.1 million a year and only 24% of this comes from NHS sources. We rely on wonderful supporters like you to help us to generate thousands of pounds through participating in the Santa Fun Run.

What your sponsorship or donation could do

£50Could pay for 30 boxes of surgical gloves, just one part of the personal protective equipment our staff use

£66Could pay for a visit to a patient at home this Christmas by a Rapid Response Nurse, when a face to face visit is essential

£260Could pay for four hours of video support with our Wellbeing Team, supporting 28 patients

£810Could pay for 24 hours of care for one patient on our In-Patient Unit

Does my entry fee include a donation to Princess Alice?

No, the entry fee only covers our set up costs. We are able to continue offering our free care due to sponsorship money and donations received from events like Santa Fun Run.

Can we pay funds in online?

Yes, you can. Click here and select single donation. You will be given the option to select “a collection” and this will allow you to pay in your sponsorship.

Can I use a sponsor form?

Yes, a form can be downloaded here. Please collect the money from your sponsors as soon as possible and drop into the Hospice using the money return form.


JustGiving enables you to fundraise online quickly and simply. It is dedicated to giving fundraisers the technology they need to raise more and change more lives. With JustGiving you can raise money for Princess Alice Hospice and share your appeal on social media in just minutes.

Raised so far (in Fundraising and Donations)

What we have raised so far doesn’t include ticket sales (this cost only covers our set up costs) which is why your donation or fundraising is so important to us. This is a collective effort of all our Santa Run Runners and every little bit all adds up to help reach our target!

Thanks for your support.


JustGiving Leaderboard

Valerie Crellin
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Richard Parker
Fred Parker
Elena Mejia
Simon Burkey
Denaie Owden
Eleasha Tersigni
Charly Denton-Woods
Darren Webb

There are lots of fundraising platforms, why JustGiving?

JustGiving is the fundraising platform that we have chosen to partner with and, although they charge a small fee, we benefit greatly from their efficient and user-friendly service, making it a really effective way for us to receive funds.

Your sponsors will also be given the option of covering the cost of the fee if they want to ensure their whole donation comes to Princess Alice Hospice.

Social media GIFs

Download ready-made GIFs to share with your supporters as you get ever closer to your fundraising target.

Further information

Further information on how to manage your JustGiving page is available here.