Non-uniform day

Check with your school if you would be able to arrange a non-uniform day. Whether it’s wearing their own clothes or maybe even fancy dress, everyone taking part has to make a £1 donation towards your fundraising total.


Organise a quiz in which your fellow students compete individually, or as part of a team, with the aim of being crowned the most knowledgeable students in the year/ school. Again, you can ask both participants and the audience to sponsor you.

Tell as many people as possible!

Make sure you keep your friends, students and teachers informed about what you are doing – they’re all extra potential donors for your challenge.

Ask if you can put up posters and a link to your JustGiving page on noticeboards or in other communal places, where students and staff members are likely to see it.

Make some leaflets, explaining what you are doing and hand them out in class… maybe not during a lesson though!