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Rebecca’s Wimbledon Honour

Tuesday 18 July

We are so proud of 12 year old Rebecca Jones, who performed the coin toss brilliantly at the Ladies’ Final at Wimbledon on Saturday 15 July! Rebecca appeared to have taken head referee, Andrew Jarrett’s advice to smile, wave and make the most of it, as she was very poised before 15,000 spectators, plus an additional 4.8 million viewers watching at home.

Rebecca and her family were supported by our Patient and Family Support Team both during and after her dad’s death from a brain tumour and Sarah Dowd from the team was invited to attend with Rebecca and her family on the day.

Rebecca, a keen tennis player and fan, was allowed to keep the coin afterward.

There has been some great coverage of the event, including a lovely piece in the Evening Standard, where Rebecca played tribute to her dad, Ed, saying “There is a silver lining to every dark cloud and this is some good that has come out of the bad. It has been a very dark period. But I want to thank my daddy for giving me this opportunity.”

Sue Barker, BBC Commentator gave a super shout out to Rebecca and the Hospice just before the start of the match.

Rebecca’s sister Katy who is 10 and her mum and grandfather were also at Centre Court to share in Rebecca’s special moment.

Sarah Dowd, senior social worker said “I was so thrilled to be able to share in what was such an amazing experience for Rebecca and her family.  I had the opportunity to speak with Roger Federer in the Players’ Lounge and tell him a little bit about the work we do at the Hospice, he was very supportive.  It is lovely to see Rebecca, Katy and their mum continuing to do well.”

Rebecca lost her dad to cancer last year and the Hospice, together with the Brain Tumour Charity were able to provide the support she and her family needed. Rebecca represented Children in Need, who were the Wimbledon Foundation’s chosen charity this year and it was  their very generous support that helped fund our bereavement support team, for which we are very grateful.