The Wellbeing Centre brings together a range of specialised outpatient services and activities, currently delivered online, for people in our communities. Our aim is to help give you and your carer the best possible quality of life by managing your symptoms, building your confidence and helping you take back control of your lives.

Referral criteria for The Wellbeing Centre

We are happy to accept new referrals from any health care professional. Patients can be referred to The Wellbeing Centre for the following reasons:

  • They have a life limiting or progressive illness
  • They or their family or carers would benefit from support to cope with their illness in spiritual, emotional, physical or practical ways
  • They live and are registered with a GP within the area covered by the Hospice
  • They need signposting, due to financial issues related to their disease

For further information you can contact us on or 01372 461 802.

Patient’s referral form for The Wellbeing Centre

Carer’s referral form for The Wellbeing Centre

If you’re referred by a healthcare professional, one of our team will contact you to decide which part of the programme best suits the needs of you and your carer.

Our weekly zoom sessions

10 am
Patient Discussion & Support Group
Patient Discussion & Support Group
Carers’ Discussion & Support Group
Creative Writing
Patient Discussion & Support Group
10.30 am
Patient Discussion & Support Group
11.30 am
Patient Discussion & Support Group
Patient Discussion & Support Group
Patient Yoga
Patient Exercise Group
Exercise Group
1 pm
Clinical Q&A (monthly)
Music for Wellbeing
Fatigue Management (monthly)
1.30 pm
Carers’ Discussion & Support Group
Ad hoc monthly sessions:
Breathlessness, Advance Care Planning, Pain and symptom management, Anxiety
2 pm
Art Group
Clinical Q&A (monthly)
One2One with WBC Nurse by appointment
Carers’ Music for Wellbeing “Tracks of My Years”
Mindful Art


Art Group

Whatever your artistic skills you can join these sessions in order to explore with others an interesting subject each week. You can meet people with common interests and enjoy an activity together.



Wellbeing Centre Art Gallery



A one-off session that is repeated about once a month, led by a physio and a Wellbeing Nurse. It includes a basic physiology of ‘how we breathe’, and outlines medications that can help with breathing problems. The majority of the session, however, concentrates on techniques and strategies that can help ease breathlessness, in addition to medication. Helpful to patients and carers alike.

Carers' Discussion & Support Group

Being a carer can be positive and rewarding, but at the same time you need some time for yourself. These sessions provide you with the opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation, gain support and share experiences and advice.

Clinical Q&A

We are currently running monthly Question and Answer sessions with a Princess Alice Palliative Care Consultant. Each session has a broad subject – for example ‘Cancer Treatments and their Side Effects’, ‘Pain relief, opioids and steroids’ – but any questions are welcome. This is also an opportunity to learn about the experience of other patients in a similar situation, and it highlights different ways to manage, or perhaps avoid, potential problems.

Complementary Therapy

Complementary therapy has many benefits and although not a substitute for medical treatment, the intention is to work alongside medical treatments in harmony.

Creative Writing

This group is an opportunity to reflect on different aspects of your life, talk about them with others if you wish, and write down whatever you feel is important. Over the weeks you will be able to develop this into a letter, written to yourself but perhaps also for your family and a wider audience, that looks back on your life and what it means to you – what it became, and what it still will be. It is a chance to say both I was there and I am still here, and to find the connection between the two.

Dealing with anxiety

This is an occasional session led by a Complementary therapist and a Wellbeing health care professional.
Anxiety is a normal, if unpleasant part of life and can affect us all in different ways, especially when adjusting to adverse events and illness.
This session explores different strategies for managing symptoms of anxiety including breathing and relaxation techniques as well as medication.
It is suitable for both patients and their loved ones alike.

Discussion & Support groups

Small groups where patients can meet with others in a similar situation. These groups are patient-led, and cover a variety of subjects. Patients can discuss freely what concerns them with in a safe environment.


This is a seated exercise session led by our physiotherapists. The aim of the group is to maintain movement and function of your muscles so that you can continue with the everyday activities.

Fatigue management

An occasional session led by an Occupational Therapist. Fatigue is an extremely common symptom in many life-limiting diseases, and can impact significantly on daily life. This session is an opportunity to talk about this impact, and to learn about approaches that can help, both on a practical and emotional level.

Music for Wellbeing

Music plays an important part in the everyday life of many of us.  Whether it is for recreation, distraction, dancing or to raise our mood, a lot of us enjoy listening to music.

We all know the power of a song or piece of music to trigger vivid memories that seem to transport us back in time. Which songs or pieces of music bring back memories from your life or connect with you emotionally? The songs we love become woven into a tapestry entwined with the people, places and situations we have experienced throughout our lives.

This is a pilot of six sessions.  Using a different theme each week, we hope to discover these important songs as well as share them and their significance in a small group via Zoom, streaming the songs through Spotify.

Once taking part, the hope is that you will be able build up a bank or playlist of songs that have real meaning and provide a soundtrack to your life which you can continue to add to after the group has finished.

This group is open to all patients and their carers who have been referred to the Wellbeing Centre.

One to one session

Sessions with a member of the clinical team, giving you the opportunity to discuss any worries or ask any questions, which are more personal.

Pain management

Our Pain Management session explores different types of pain, and the reasons behind various management strategies. It gives an overview of how opioids are used in palliative care (including morphine), and discusses their benefits and side-effects. We also look at ways of easing pain that don’t involve a Doctor’s prescription.

Personal playlists for patients with a diagnosis of dementia and their loved ones/carers

This activity involves making a playlist of personal songs and involves exploring a person’s life story to find clues to tunes that may connect deeply with them.  If those tunes can be found for a person with dementia, then it is likely that it will be possible to find the music that reaches them most deeply.

The Wellbeing Centre has teamed up with a charity called ‘Playlist for life’ and together we can help facilitate the creation of a personal playlist for you or your loved one.

It is hoped that by creating and listening to a personal playlist, it can help those with dementia connect with their loved ones and carers as well as evoke memories, prompt conversations and strengthen relationships.


When soothing musical waves connect with the brain waves, the body relaxes. Combined with guided relaxation, this offers a variety of benefits


Time to get quizzing!

Each month, starting in December, the Wellbeing Centre will be hosting a quiz over zoom.

These quizzes will include a mix of general knowledge, music and trivia and are designed to be fun, engaging and inclusive.

Anyone who has been referred to the Wellbeing centre is welcome to join these quiz sessions.


This is a chair-based yoga group, that will include movement, yogic breathing and meditation using a variety of techniques to help the mind to settle.

Frequently asked questions

Why attend the Wellbeing Sessions?

The focus of our Wellbeing Centre is supporting people with life-limiting illnesses to live as fully and independently as possible. Our sessions help patients to build their confidence and gain control of their lives, as well as supporting them to manage their symptoms. We are also here for family members and friends as well as anyone else who might benefit from our expertise.

Who can attend the Wellbeing Sessions?

The Wellbeing Sessions are aimed for people with a life limiting illness and their loved ones.

What if I don’t know anyone who takes part?

We encourage people to give it a try. Everyone is very friendly and inclusive. Patients welcome each other even if they haven’t met before. Sometimes patients who feel low get a nice boost after joining these sessions.

How can I join the online session? I am not very good with technology?

All you need to be able to join the session is three things.

  1. You need access to the Internet
  2. You need a device with camera, speakers and microphone. This can be, a laptop, tablet, PC with camera and microphone, or a smartphone
  3. You will be sent an email link to the meeting which will automatically start zoom with the meeting ID box populated

I am a carer. Is there any group I could join?

You can join the relaxation sessions, the art, or the carers’ group.

Can my daughter or son join with me?

Of course, she can join with you. She can also join any of the other relevant sessions to her, like relaxation sessions, the yoga, the exercise, the art or the carers’ group.

What is the cost of joining these sessions?

All of our sessions are free of charge.