We’re helping to nurture compassionate communities in our care area of Surrey, Middlesex and south west London, with a variety of groups and activities taking place on a regular basis. Our aim is to reach more people in our community with our care.

How we're reaching more people

Part of our approach is to work in partnership with local communities to nurture and extend our services where possible. By working together, a Compassionate Community can help a dying person, and their family and friends get the support and care they need, helping them to deal with dying and death and the subsequent bereavement and loss of those left behind. We want to give people the skills and confidence to be the good neighbours they want to be. We also want to encouraging people to talk more openly about death, dying, grief and loss. Often not talking about these issues leave vulnerable people lonely and isolated. What would make your community a compassionate one?

Social Groups

We have regular social groups for people to socialise in a friendly and supportive environment, with trained volunteers on hand if required.


We have a regular group that meets weekly at the Hospice and we would love to welcome new members to this group.

Meet up Monday

Join us for a cuppa and chat with other local people in our lovely Walton Furniture shop. For further information click here.

We are also looking to develop similar groups across our care area. If you’d like time to chat, do get in touch. Please email cc@pah.org.uk or call 01372 461 958 for more information.

Compassionate Neighbours

Compassionate Neighbours are volunteers offering friendship, a listening ear and providing regular emotional and social support to people in their local community who are living with long term or life limiting illnesses and the effects of social isolation and loneliness. They provide companionship as part of a reciprocal relationship.

Contact 01372 461 862