Living with life limiting illness is hard on everyone. We support carers and family members in the home, in the community and in the Hospice. We help people of all ages, including children, through individual, family and group activities.

We care about you!

Caring for someone who is seriously ill can be stressful and tiring. We know that time is precious. We’re here to help you – do call us or email if you have any questions or need to talk to someone. If you would like to know more please call 0300 10 20 100 Option 3 or email

We have a range of opportunities for carers – they are summarised in our leaflet for carers and there’s more detail below:

Carers’ Zoom

Tuesdays 1.00pm-2.45pm – an informal group which meets with families and carers’ lead and a nurse from the Wellbeing Centre.

Coffee mornings

Coffee mornings every two weeks, in our café area – an informal group where you can meet others for a catch up.

Individual calls

Regular individual calls from our Wellbeing staff.

Support for families

Individual support for families where a parent is dying – including support for the other significant adult (partner/parent) and support for children.

Spiritual support

Spiritual support from the Hospice Chaplaincy team.

Compassionate Neighbours

Compassionate Neighbours – where a trained volunteer can visit the house of someone who is unwell and in need of company, and afford carers a bit of time to have some time to themselves.

Kew walks

Community walks in Kew each month on Tuesday – for carers and patients who are able.

The walks are led by our volunteers and are very informal. Walking is a great way to ease your mind and allow yourself a bit of time away from the stresses of daily life.

The glasshouse at Kew Gardens with flowers in the foreground

Man Shed

ManShed – for people who are carers or patients who are able – weekday sessions (Tuesdays for ladies).

Community choir

Community choir – for carers and patients who are able.

Monday evenings 6.00pm – 7.30pm.

Planning Ahead

Introduction to Planning Ahead for carers who want to get things ready for the future.

Music for wellbeing

Monday afternoons on Zoom – a chance to meet up with others and share musical tastes.

Support sessions

Discussion support sessions covering issues that affect families and carers.

When a loved one is dying - Useful information

We know this will be a very difficult time for you. Everyone at Princess Alice Hospice is here to help, in whatever way we can.

The following information may be useful in the days and weeks to come:

What to expect when a person is dying

How you may feel

Some suggestions for further reading

Remaining close while being ill

Medications and driving

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Top tips for keeping yourself physically well

  • Walking – this is one of the easiest and best exercises to take up if you are physically able. You choose where, when and for how long. This can be with other people or alone – whatever works best for you. You can go at a gentle pace or step it up a bit to get your heart working. You will feel refreshed when you finish the walk. Try and get out each day and make it part of your routine.
  • Swimming – a gentle or vigorous exercise which will enhance your physical wellbeing. Your local pool may offer aqua-aerobics that may suit better than lane-swimming.
  • Any sport or activity which appeals to you is a good idea as it will provide a break from the caring role. If you would like company, ask a friend to join you each time you go out.
  • You will also find any physical activities will help your mental health as well as engaging in activities which absorb you such as reading, knitting, arts and crafts, drama or mindfulness programmes.

Further support for carers

Carers UK has lots of helpful advice.

There is also further support available for carers in Surrey – you can find out more below.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please call 0300 10 20 100 Option 3 or email

Support for children, young people and families

a child with a volunteer at Dovetail

When dealing with stress and loss, children and young people may have different needs to adults. So we provide support especially for them. Our specialist social workers offer advice for children, young people and parents in individual and family sessions. There’s no time limit – we’ll be here for as long as you need us. We can also help school staff or other professionals to offer support.

Currently 1:1 face to face meetings with children and families are taking place.  Please call Helen Shepherd on or 07918 747597 to talk about what additional support is needed.

The Dovetail Group meets monthly and provides an opportunity for bereaved children and young people to get together in a friendly space, where practical and emotional support is offered whilst having fun with creative activities.