Running our Hospice and services in the community costs £10 million a year and only 20% of our expenditure on charitable activities is funded by the NHS grants.

​You choose how to donate

Donate online

It’s easy to make a regular or one-off donation:

Major donors

If you’re considering making a significant donation to the Hospice, please read through our brochure or contact us on 01372 461 832 or


If you represent a charitable trust or foundation and might be interested in supporting the Hospice, we would really appreciate a conversation’ Please get in touch with Michelle Gulliver on 01372 461 980 or

Payroll Giving

Also known as ‘give as you earn’, payroll giving it’s an easy way to make regular donations tax-free!

Ask your finance department if your company offers the scheme. If they do, just choose what you would like to donate. Each time you are paid, they’ll deduct the agreed amount and send it to us.
That’s all there is to it!

And, because the government adds the tax on as an extra donation, your contribution will be even bigger, at no further cost to you. For example, if you’re a basic rate taxer payer and you give £4, the taxman adds another £1 so we actually receive £5.