Here are answers to some of the things we’re most frequently asked:

Why do I need a Will?

An up-to-date Will helps ensure your loved ones and a charity like ours are provided for after your death. You can nominate executors, and for those with children nominate guardians. A Will provides the opportunity to make your last wishes known and gives you peace of mind, knowing you are playing a part in shaping the future of causes like Princess Alice Hospice and people closest to your heart. 

Why should I leave a gift in my Will to Princess Alice Hospice?

We’re committed to giving outstanding care to even more local people in the future, but we face some major challenges. The ageing population in our area is growing and, along with it, the need for specialist end of life care.  And, as NHS and social services budgets continue to come under increasing pressure, more people will be turning to us for help. 

With less than a quarter of our funding coming from the NHS, you’ll understand why gifts in Wills are so vital to Princess Alice Hospice. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that over a third of our funding comes from gifts in Wills. Without them we wouldn’t be able to help one in three of the people we care for. A gift in your Will could help ensure we continue to provide outstanding care, when and where it is needed most for the many years to come.  

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Hear from some kind supporters who are choosing to leave a gift in their Will to Princess Alice Hospice in the video below.


What type of gift can I leave Princess Alice Hospice?

Whatever gift you decide to leave Princess Alice Hospice, you can rest assured your gift will make a difference to the lives of local people. You can leave: 

Percentage symbolA residuary gift – this is a share of your estate, or the whole of the remainder of your estate once your other wishes and expenses have been met.  

Pound symbolA pecuniary gift – this is an amount of money specified by you. 

Ring graphicAn item – such as jewellery or property. 

Rest assured we promise to make good use of any gift you choose to leave us. We appreciate your generosity and will never take it for granted. 

What information do I need to include Princess Alice Hospice in my Will?

You will need to include our charity name, number and address which are as follows: 

Princess Alice Hospice 

West End Lane 


KT10 8NA 

Charity Registration No. 1010930 

Where can I find a solicitor to write my Will?

We are part of the National Free Wills Network which means kind supporters like you can have a simple Will written or updated for free.  

Be referred to the National Free Wills Network

It’s easy to make or update your Will with the National Free Wills Network: 

  1. Complete this form so we can pass your details on to the National Free Wills Network safely and securely.  They will then send you an information pack that contains a list of participating solicitors in your local area.  
  2. Once you receive your pack, choose a solicitor, and make an appointment at a time convenient to you. 
  3. Visit the solicitors, and have your Will written or updated without having to worry about the cost. 

There is no obligation to leave a gift to Princess Alice Hospice in your Will by using this service, but we really hope you consider doing so. 

The National Free Wills Network covers the cost of a simple Will. If you require a complex Will, or there is additional work involved in the preparation of your Will, you may be required to pay an extra fee. You will be made aware of this is in advance of any payment being requested 

If you use the National Free Wills Network, you will be the solicitor’s client in the same way as if you were paying for the Will. If you’d rather not to use the National Free Wills Network service, you can visit the Law Society website to find solicitors local to you or call 020 7242 1222. 

Please note if you require your Will to be written urgently, the National Free Wills Network may not be appropriate. In this instance, we suggest speaking directly to a local solicitor. Many are prepared to visit a care setting like a Hospice or Care Home. You can visit the Law Society website to find solicitors local to you. 

How much does it cost to write a Will?

This depends on who writes your Will and how simple your Will is. 

There are free Will services available, and Princess Alice Hospice can refer you to the National Free Wills Network who can write or update a simple Will at no charge to you.  

How should I word my Will?

When adding Princess Alice Hospice as a beneficiary to your will, you could use the following example wording. Any gift to Princess Alice Hospice will make a difference. A residuary gift is popular because it takes care of others first and remains proportional to the value of your estate by keeping pace with inflation. 

  • Residuary gift (A share of your estate). To leave a residuary gift, we suggest the wording: 

‘I give …….  percent of my residuary estate to Princess Alice Hospice, (Charity Registration No. 1010930), Princess Alice Hospice, West End Lane, Esher, KT10 8NA to be applied for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of an appropriate officer shall be a complete discharge to my trustees.’ 

If you wish to give your entire residuary estate (that is everything left after any specific gifts) to Princess Alice Hospice, you can do so using the wording above, but omitting “… percent of”. 

  • Pecuniary gift (cash sum) To leave a pecuniary gift (cash sum), we suggest the wording: 

‘I give £…..  to Princess Alice Hospice (Charity Registration No. 1010930), Princess Alice Hospice, West End Lane, Esher, KT10 8NA to be applied for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of an appropriate officer shall be a complete discharge to my trustees.’  

Can I add Princess Alice Hospice to my existing Will?

Yes. If you have already written your Will but would now like to remember Princess Alice Hospice, you can use a Codicil which works as an additional document that modifies your Will. This can save the hassle of re-writing a Will to include new wishes or beneficiaries. However, if you wish to leave the Hospice a percentage of your estate rather than a specific gift, it is strongly recommended that you redo your Will rather than use a Codicil. This avoids complications that can lead to a person’s wishes being contested. If you are considering executing a Codicil it is important to get the document properly signed and witnessed to ensure the document passes probate. 

Find out more using our Codicil guide and form:

What about inheritance tax?

Any amount you leave to Princess Alice Hospice will usually be exempt from inheritance tax and may help to reduce the inheritance tax paid on your estate. 

If you choose to leave 10% or more of your taxable estate to a charity like Princess Alice Hospice, not only can you save inheritance tax on the gift, but the tax liability on the rest of the estate can drop from 40% to 36%.  

We recommend you seek advice from a solicitor who should be able to provide more detailed advice on inheritance tax planning and enable you to maximise the value of gifts you leave to loved ones and causes like Princess Alice Hospice. 

To learn more, visit the HMRC website.

Be referred to the National Free Wills Network.  

Visit or call 020 7242 1222 to find solicitors local to you. 

What impact will a gift in my Will have?

As a local charity, over a third of funding comes from gifts in Wills. Without them we wouldn’t be able to help one in three of the people we currently care for. For over 40 years, Princess Alice Hospice has been helping people living in a large part of Surrey, Middlesex and south west London. A gift in your Will helps ensure we’re here whenever and however we’re needed most, well into the future. 

We see people, not patients. On any given day our nurses, doctors, and specialist staff, supported by our team of over 1000 dedicated volunteers are looking after around 1000 local people in need. We do everything we can to help individuals maintain independence and make the best of their days, for the rest of their days. We understand the importance of delivering personalised care and the difference small gestures can make. Be it a listening ear or hand held. 

We’re here for families and friends too. We offer the help and advice they need to make the most of the precious time they have left with loved ones. And we support them after the death too, helping them look back with fondness and forward with hope. 

We help to ensure more people have a dignified death. For local people this may be supporting them here at the Hospice in Esher or caring for them in their own home in familiar surroundings. But, as leaders in end of life care we believe we can have an even greater impact through our teaching, training, and research, advancing end of life care standards and improving quality of life, from diagnosis to death. 

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. Our hard work was commended by the national independent regulator of health and social care services who awarded Princess Alice Hospice with the top rating of ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent inspection.  The Care Quality Commission highlighted how “doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals worked together as a team to benefit patients”. Inspectors said that “staff demonstrated initiative in their kindness and efforts to make people comfortable and happy in their last days”. They provided many examples of staff and volunteers who had gone above and beyond in their roles. 

Put simply, with your Will, we will ensure this compassionate care continues.

Hear what our patron Michael Aspel OBE has to say about how more people can receive the best end of life care in the video below. 


Can I specify where I want my gift to go?

We don’t know what the future holds, so we encourage you to leave a gift that allows us to use it however it is needed most at the time.  

Whilst most people are happy for us to decide how we use their gift to have the greatest impact, we understand some people may have a particular interest and want to specify how Princess Alice Hospice should use their gift. If this is something you’d like to do, please be aware that this can sometimes create complications. For example, a gift to increase the size of our Hospice in Esher, or run more Man Shed sessions would rely on more than funds to fulfil and may not be what our local community require at the time. To help avoid complications but let us know how you’d like your gift to be used, you can express your wishes in the form of a non-binding wish and be more general. For example: 

“It is my wish but without creating any legally binding obligation that my gift is used to fund Princess Alice Hospice’s clinical services in Surrey.” 

Rest assured we will always do our best to follow your wishes. Where this isn’t practical, we will stay as close to your original desire as possible.  

If you would like more information on restricting your gift, please get in touch: 

01372 461808 

Can I leave a gift in memory of a loved one?

Many people choose to leave a gift to Princess Alice Hospice in their Will, in memory of a loved one. We like to think of this as creating a memory everlasting and promise to ensure that any gift you leave in a loved one’s name makes a lasting difference. If you’re leaving a gift in your Will in a loved one’s name, you can let us know here. 

See how Val’s creating a memory everlasting with a gift in her Will:  

“They gave so much to Robert. So, I wanted to give something back.” 

Should I tell you that I’ve left you a gift in my Will?

This in entirely your choice. If you decide to tell us, we will do our best to keep you informed about our future plans, and the difference we are making to the lives of local people. You will be invited to our annual Gifts for the Future thank you event. If you’d prefer for us not to stay in touch that’s ok, just let us know. You can tell us that you’re leaving a gift in your Will using this form, or by emailing or calling 01372 461808.