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The seeds of a memory everlasting…


Leaving a gift in your Will is simpler than you think. We have put together a useful brochure which includes:


  • things you should know and do when making a Will
  • types of Wills and how to calculate your assets
  • how your gift would contribute to our work.

Many people choose to support Princess Alice Hospice in recognition of the compassionate care they or someone they love have received or because they care about their local Hospice.


However large or small your gift, rest assured it will help us to reach more patients and families who need our specialist care and support. As an independent local charity we depend on legacies more than any other gift to continue our work.


It’s the little things that stay with you. It’s the cups of tea at three in the morning and the time spent with you when you’re not even aware that you need it. It’s not only the concern and the compassion, but also the humour and the humanity. And the respect. And the tenderness. You can’t quantify it, it is literally priceless.



Our friendly team are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about making a Will or the work we do. You are also welcome to visit the Hospice and find out more about how we care for our patients and their families and our plans for the future.


Contact the Legacies Team

01372 461808

A memory everlasting brochure


Remember A Charity

We are a proud member of Remember a Charity – together with other charities we encourage more people to consider leaving a gift in their will.

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