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Tribute funds

If you’ve lost someone you love, Princess Alice Hospice Tribute funds are a positive way to celebrate their life and share memories with your family and friends, while helping other families in need of our specialist care and support.


Tribute funds allow any money raised, be it from sponsored events, setting up a regular gift or organising your own celebration event, to be added to the same fund. Anyone can contribute, and you know how much has been raised in memory of your loved one.


Below are some of our current tribute funds.


  • Dan Riglin
  • Lynne Ferguson
  • Yvonne Savage
  • Peter Robinson
  • Geraint Wynn Jones, former Princess Alice Hospice patient
  • Roy Asquith-Christie, Princess Alice Hospice patient
  • Lettie Hart, Princess Alice Hospice patient

Dan Riglin

Dan RiglinAfter Dan died, I wanted to ensure we could give something back to the hospice to help them to continue their good work. I also wanted to remember Dan in the process of doing this. Initially I set up the Much Loved website and then the Hospice contacted me to ask if I would like to set up a Princess Alice Tribute Fund. The website is a place people can visit and browse, occasionally donating sums of money particularly at Christmas and other special times of the year. I believe it helps with the grieving process.


We now hold an annual snooker evening in a local club that Dan was a member of. Many of his friends and family attend and we usually raise in the region of £700 which includes a sum donated by the club. Many of the members of the club have experience of loved ones being cared for by the Hospice and are more than happy to lend their support.


Many of the Princess Alice Hospice sponsored walks and challenges have been undertaken in Dan’s name. All of this keeps memories of Dan alive, I know I would find life and coping without Dan more difficult without it all.



Sandra Harper


Visit Dan's MuchLoved page

Lynne Ferguson

Lynne FergusonDied September 20, 2012


Wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and actor. This Fund will help to keep her memory fresh for those who loved her, friends and family, and particularly her grandchildren Megan, Joe, Sofia, Lucy and Matilda.


Patrick Ferguson

Yvonne Savage

Yvonne SavageYvonne Savage – born 12 March 1943 in Teddington, died 10 November 2012 in Princess Alice Hospice


Yvonne was a much loved Mum, Grandma, Sister, Cousin and Friend. She worked a Volunteer and Staff member for over 15 years at St Luke’s Hospice in Kenton before moving to Ewell in 2007 to retire. Having volunteered and worked at a hospice for so long when she found out that her breast cancer was terminal she was adamant that she wanted to be treated at Princess Alice Hospice towards the end. Sadly the end came much sooner than any of us had imagined but when Yvonne was finally transferred to Princess Alice 2 days before she passed away some of the last few words she spoke were to check that she was at the hospice. I suspect this was because she knew how amazing the care would be, not just for her but also for all of the family and friends who spent the last couple of days in the Hospice with her.


We set up a Tribute Fund initially to try and fundraise, in Yvonne’s name, for the hospice and pay back some of the cost of the care that she had received. It was not just about raising money though, it was also about starting the healing – for us to feel that we were trying to help others in a similar situation. Running the Santa Fun Run a month after she died, we were able to talk to my children (then just 5 and 3) about Grandma, remember her, talk to them about the reason why we were trying to raise money and tell them how proud Grandma would have been. My children visited their Grandma in the Hospice and came back to hang a Copper leaf in her memory on the Tree in the grounds. They talk very matter-of-factly about the Hospice and how it helped all our family. I continue to make small donations to the fund, and other family and friends have also. I am not sure whether we will do any other big fundraising events again as a family but in the early days it was good to feel we were doing something. Now I feel proud that there is a Fund in my mum’s name and we have made a small contribution towards repaying the cost of the amazing treatment we all received in November 2012.


Tracey Banks


Visit Yvonne's MuchLoved page

Peter Robinson

Peter RobinsonPeter Robinson was a beloved Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle and friend. He was taken from us so young and we all miss him every day. To his wife Margaret and Daughter Sarah he was the best Husband and Father that we could have wished for. Life is not the same without him.


We started a Tribute Fund in Peter’s memory to remember him and to raise money for Princess Alice Hospice who cared for him so well during his final illness.


Still loved and missed every day with much love from Margaret, Sarah and all Peter’s family and friends.


Margaret Robinson


Visit Peter's MuchLoved page

Geraint Wyn Jones

Geraint Wynn Jones, former Princess Alice Hospice patientIf tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane.

I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again.

No farewell words were spoken, No time to say “Goodbye”.

You were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why.

My heart still aches with sadness, and secret tears still flow.

What it meant to love you – No one can ever know.

Since you’ll never be forgotten, I pledge to you today~

A hollowed place within my heart, is where you’ll always stay.


I set up a Tribute Fund in Geraint’s name because of the amazing care and love he received while he was at Princess Alice Hospice. The Fund, and now the Memory Wall, is a beautiful way of celebrating Geraint’s life, a place to invite friends and family to remember him while also supporting the vital work the Hospice does by making donations or taking part in an event. Geraint would have been proud of this.


Alessandra Pasian


Visit Geraint's MuchLoved page

Roy Asquith-Christie

Roy Asquith-Christie, Princess Alice Hospice patientRoy was a very special human being with a big heart and a unique spirit. He loved people, and always had time to give his words of thoughtful wisdom and encouragement to anyone in need. In turn, people loved him, and many were affected and helped by the kindness and guidance which he gave. In this life, Roy was a healer and a poet, and will be remembered for those qualities and talents and for setting up his spiritual retreat in Mallorca, as much as for his professional work in the music industry and in press and public relations. Roy’s laugh was infectious and he made people feel good just to be around him. Cancer took him from us eventually but not before a six-year long battle during which we all learned from his courage and continued good humour. His human presence is much missed by all his family and his very many friends, but we all know that he is now where he was always destined to be, so that his spirit and love will always be with us. I am proud and blessed to have been Roy’s Civil Partner, and I set up the Tribute Fund in Roy’s name for the Princess Alice Hospice, because of the amazing kindness and love which everyone at the Hospice showered upon him (and me!) during what turned out to be the final week of his life on this earth.


John Hackett

Lettie Hart

Lettie Hart, Princess Alice Hospice patientWe set-up Lettie’s Tribute Fund partly to keep alive our connection to Princess Alice Hospice. For us, Princess Alice will always be a part of Lettie’s life and consequently a part of ours.


It gave huge comfort spending time putting it together and always fills us with bitter-sweet emotions when we look at it. It is also a source of comfort to know there are still ‘live’ places which have memories and reflections of our beautiful daughter who so loved life and made every moment count. 3 years on and we miss her more than ever.


Nicola Hart & Ian Anderson


Visit Lettie's MuchLoved page

Setting up a tribute fund

If you would like to add a tribute to this page, or would simply like to know more, please contact the In Memory Team on 01372 461808 or email


For those families that wish to take a tribute fund beyond the Hospice website, we have links to both through our Princess Alice Hospice Garden of Remembrance and


Both allow you to share photos, video and stories about the person you are remembering and enable everyone to donate whenever they want to.


Other ways to contribute

Family and friends can also contribute to the fund by cheque or by calling our team. Please ensure they advise our team that the donation is part of a tribute fund in the name of the person being remembered.


Keeping in touch

Our team will keep you up to date with the amount of funds raised every six months. You can also close the fund any time you want to.


Contact the In Memory Team

01372 461808


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