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For David, it was beautiful…

“For David it was a calm, dignified and beautiful death – just as he had wanted.”


We believe that everyone should be able to choose where they’re cared for at the end of their life and where they will die. And we know from our research that three out of four people in our catchment area say they would prefer to die at home.


Sadly, as things stand, only one in four of them will get their final wish.


That’s why we launched Princess Alice Hospice at home.


With support from this service, many of our patients are able to stay at home with their family and friends, in a place where they feel safe and loved. Pippa’s story shows just how important that can be, and we are proud to have played a part in it.



Please help us be there for everyone who needs us

Unless we can expand the service, hospice care at home will not be a choice for most people in our area. It saddens and frustrates us that we may not be able to grant this simple last wish for many people.


What’s more, providing hospice care at home would mean that we can reach out to even more people in our community. In our hospice in Esher we only have room for 28 patients. By caring for people at home, we can give hundreds more people like David the very best end of life care.


What many people don’t realise is that Princess Alice Hospice is not part of the NHS. We are a charity and 77% of our funding comes from our supporters. Most of them are local people just like you. That’s why we urgently need your help today.


Your gift could give others the end of life care we would all wish for

  • £15 could pay for half an hour of physiotherapy care at a patient’s home
  • £35 could pay for one hour of overnight care at a patient’s home
  • £55 could pay for an hour and a half visit from a Princess Alice Hospice Nurse