Tracy, one of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in our Hospice at Home Team tells us why our Hospice at Home services are so important and what it means for patients and their loved ones to be able to have a comfortable death in their own homes.

Why do you think Hospice at Home is so important?


“We are usually the gateway to make sure that that patient, that family gets everything at the right time, in the right place. Really just make sure that their symptoms are controlled and that their comfortable at home.”

Why do some people prefer to die at home?


“I think for lots of poeple its their preference. They may choose not to die in a facility and they’ve not got their family with them. Lots of people can die quite comfortably at home with their loved ones with them.”

What is the most rewarding part of your role?


“I was looking after a family and his wife was very very unwell. After she had died, he said to me, ‘ I didn’t realise how much work you were doing in the background.’ and that’s what gets me, is, we may not be there all day, but actually we work really hard in the background to make sure that happens for them.”

Our Ray of Light Appeal aims to raise funds so that nurses, like Tracy, can continue to provide these vital services to the people in our local community who need it at the darkest of times.