Our striking ‘Giving Dove’ is a unique and beautiful installation situated in the reception area of our Hospice.  The Dove, which is traditionally seen as a symbol of hope and peace, was created by local artist Oliver Russell in close collaboration with the Hospice in 2016.

With its large wing span, each feather mounted on the dove can be engraved with the name of a loved one, giving families and friends the opportunity to commemorate the person they have lost whilst also supporting the work of the Hospice.

Since the Dove has been in place it has generated  over £174,000 towards the running cost of Princess Alice Hospice whilst at the same time creating lasting memories for over 220 families.

Many sponsors of feathers choose to keep their feathers in place on the dove and continue to support the Hospice with their annual subscription.  For others after a year or two they choose to take their feather and place it somewhere meaningful where they can reflect and remember the person lost.  Some families have more than one feather engraved so they can each keep one as a momento.

Since the onset of the Coronavirus restrictions, our recent engraved feathers have unfortunately not been able to be viewed by their sponsors (we have been able to send photographs where possible).  I am hoping that it won’t be too much longer before I can invite all the lovely people I have been in touch with to come into the Hospice to see their feather on the dove.

Feathers come in sizes, small, medium and large with an annual cost of £240, £600 and £1500 respectively. As each anniversary approaches subscribers are invited to either renew their sponsorship or have their feather returned to them. Feathers are not exclusive and are available to anyone who wishes to support the Hospice.