The Hospice recently received two Quran Cubes from a charity, digital speakers pre-loaded with recitations of the Quran, in both Arabic and English.  

Quran cubeThe Quran For Hospitals project was initiated by Syed Ahmed, a 24-year-old teacher from Greater Manchester. Supported by donations from the Muslim community, Syed makes the Quran Cubes available for use in hospitals and hospices, so Muslim patients can benefit from hearing the Quran being read to them. 

The act of reading the Quran when someone dies holds a special place in Islamic tradition. The practice is deeply rooted in the faith’s teachings and serves multiple purposes, including providing solace to the bereaved and guiding the soul of the deceased.  

In Islam, the Quran is not just a holy book but a comprehensive guide for life and death. When somebody dies, reciting specific chapters from the Quran serves as both a spiritual and emotional anchor.  

We are extremely grateful to Syed for donating the Cubes to Princess Alice Hospice, which are kept on our In-Patient Unit and in our Spiritual Care office. 

As part of our Inclusion Strategy at the Hospice we are committed to ensuring equitable, accessible care and support to everyone who needs it. We hope these digital Quran cubes will help us to support those in our care who follow the Islamic faith.