Our IPU Nights team tell us about the challenge!

On 22 May, the Night Avengers –  took on the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in Wales – at night. It was a pity that we missed the warm weather, so unfortunately, we stood there at the start line in our base layer thermals, waterproof jackets and trousers, ready to ascend the incline. That was an understatement, not really.

Judging by the number of base layers the girl had on, you would swear we were climbing Mount Everest, but wearing too many layers at the start of any night hike can cause you to overheat, making you more tired than expected.  We were told to start start off being cold and add layers on as we progressed, but Hannah, Kiley and Jayne disagreed and started the hike with several layers on.

The start of the hike was very steep, but then it evened out. It was just us and our team guide walking in the dark, with nothing but our head torch and rucksacks: now we know what it feels like to be mine workers. I found amusement every now and again, saying, ‘look at those glowing eyes in the distance, they look like possessed sheep from that horror film!’ But some of the girls got scared, so I soon dropped that one. Eventually, at 2am, we reached the halfway point where we managed to have a snack and a drink. Feed my belly please! We were told that after this point, the weather would be changing because we would be gaining in altitude, much more wind and the possibility of mist, too. I have to be honest, the weather remained dry up until close to the summit. There was one point where it felt like we were climbing a staircase to heaven and eventually we reached the summit at 3am. What a relief that was, you could tell by Kiley’s face that she was glad we had eventually reached the top.

Well done to everyone in my team for not giving up when you wanted to and for persevering through it, for tolerating the nippy and cold wind, for guiding your way through the mist where only your feet were seen by the light from your headtorch, for all the laughs and tears, I am immensely proud of you all. We all did it and we did it at our own pace – one more thing to tick off on our bucket list.


In closing, I leave you with this quote:​​​​​​​

‘’Life has provided, and will continue to provide, challenging mountains for all of us. We will never know how high we can climb until we climb without fear. And when we climb without fear, we never need be disappointed with how high we climb.’’

– Dave Blanchard, Today I Begin a New Life


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