Creating delicious and nutritious meals is something our Catering team prides themselves on. The dining room menu at the Hospice is changed daily, and menus are rotated every 4 weeks and every season. The team also enjoys creating specific dishes when we’re focusing on a particular theme, such as Black History Month, or celebrating a national event, such as the Coronation of King Charles III. 

The provision of nutritious well-balanced meals for our patients, their families, staff and volunteers, is important to the team, as is being able to create something that has been requested specifically by a patient. 

Recently, however, they’ve had to work harder to adapt the menus to accommodate the rising costs of ingredients. The past year has seen an increase in the Catering team’s food costs of more than £15,000, so it’s become necessary to be more creative when putting menus together. 

We’re always aware of waste but even more so now and there is very rarely any food wastage now. Before their expiry date, items that may have previously been discarded are now used for soups and sauces. On Sundays the team cooks up a delicious roast dinner, with chicken, gammon or beef, along with a vegetarian alternative. Unfortunately, lamb is now very rarely on the menu due to its cost. 

To help with the rising costs, we have had to increase the price of meals slightly, something we haven’t had to do for several years. However, a full Sunday roast with all the trimmings costs just £8, which represents good value for money and is still enjoyed by regulars who like to come together on a Sunday to enjoy their meal with company. 

Chefs in whites smiling at the camera

Development Chef, Chris King and Head Chef, Carl Harmer.

Head Chef, Carl Harmer, and Development Chef, Chris King, are determined the rising costs will not make too much of an impact on their menus, as they continue to provide the same high-quality, delicious meals to everyone they cater for.