We estimate that over a full year our costs will have risen by approximately £740,000*.

Angela Grimes, our Director of Income Generation, says: ‘Over 76% of our income comes from donations, including purchases made in our shops, but people are unable to give as much and many can’t afford to make regular payments. Looking ahead, we’re concerned the cost pressures hitting local households could affect how our vital Hospice services are funded.  We’re always looking at different ways of fundraising and diversifying our income and we remain incredibly grateful to our kind supporters.’

+4%rise in staff costs

£225,000rise in energy costs

+35%increase in cost of mattresses

How we are adapting…

  • Replacing our lights with LEDs, we already have sensor lights in many places
  • We have installed two electric vehicle charging points
  • We have purchased an electric van to replace the three diesel vehicles we had
  • We have invested in new equipment to balance our heating/hot water more effectively
  • We are submitting a bid for a grant for solar panels

…and plenty more.

*Based on period 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023

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