Nicky Brennan, our Wellbeing Activities Coordinator, shares her reflection on the recent relaxation  session from the Sanctuary.

Since lockdown, we have been delivering our popular guided relaxation sessions via Zoom from the quiet room, here at the Wellbeing Centre.  Patients have embraced being able to fully relax in the comfort of their own homes, often lying on their beds or reclining in a comfy chair.   They tell us that they really look forward to these twice weekly sessions.

This week, we had a change of scenery and were lucky to be able to host the sessions from the Sanctuary here at Princess Alice.   For us as facilitators, it provided a uniquely tranquil environment from which to deliver the sessions; for the patients and carers who joined, it provided an extra dimension to the feeling of peacefulness and calm that they experience.

‘’Thank you or the brilliant session, I am able to sleep following this’’

‘’I never expected I would be able to relax and fall asleep so easily. Thank you so much for doing this.’’

As some of the patients and carers who take part in our guided relaxation have not yet had the opportunity to visit us here in person, it also allowed them a glimpse of our wonderful facilities.  If the weather stays warm, you may see us delivering some al fresco sessions, showcasing our beautiful gardens with the sound of birdsong as the backdrop!