The thought of retirement usually conjures up dreams of rest and relaxation. For Princess Alice Hospice supporter, Simon, it has taken on a whole new meaning – skydiving! 

When asked by his colleagues what he would like as a retirement gift, Simon felt he didn’t really need anything so suggested donations for his skydive to raise funds for the Hospice. 

Having not experienced anything more exhilarating than a rollercoaster ride as a child, Simon, who retires from a long career as a Chartered Surveyor on his 60th birthday, decided to take to the skies and do something amazing. 

The Hospice cared for Simon’s Nanna and Dad in recent years, and he wanted to give something back for the kindness his family had received. 

Simon said: “Whilst speeding to earth at terminal velocity I will try to spare a thought for my Nanna and my Dad, both of whom received wonderful care from Princess Alice Hospice. This is a small way I can repay the kindness and is just 10 days before my 60th birthday and retirement. I’ve often thought how liberating and what a great adrenaline rush it would be, but never plucked up the courage to do it.  This could be the start of a whole new adventure, but I do think it’s more likely that I’ll spend the rest of my retirement playing lawn bowls which I really enjoy.” 

Details of Simon’s fundraising is here.

If, like Simon, you’re retiring soon and would like to try something new to launch the new chapter in your life, why not take a look at skydiving, wing walking or bungee jumping! Find an event – Princess Alice Hospice ( 


Good luck, Simon!