Our marvellous Wellbeing Team has been awarded a certificate by Surrey Downs Health and Care Partnership.

The certificate is to mark the Wellbeing team’s contribution to innovation and improvement, something they have been keen on particularly since the introduction of their new hybrid model which includes face to face sessions as well as online sessions.

This new way of working has helped them reach more patients and made our services accessible to people of all ages. In particular, the Wellbeing Centre now has a larger number of younger people who are perhaps with young families or who are possibly still working who can now participate in our support sessions and activities.

A very successful example of this new approach has been the breathlessness programme where sessions are provided online, as well as accommodating a small number of attendees in the Hospice with the team. This flexibility allows the Wellbeing team to meet the growing demand for services and ensures that no patient is turned away due to capacity constraints.

Congratulations Wellbeing team!