Confidential podOne of our strategic projects completed in 2023 was the installation of three Pods at the Hospice. These have created quiet, private spaces for Clinical teams to hold confidential conversations and consultations, using video conferencing.  

In recent times, more people are accessing healthcare services online instead of face to face, which allows us to help greater numbers of local people. We also want to reach people who may or may not be able to access our face-to-face services, while needing to make best use of our skilled workforce amidst nationwide healthcare recruitment challenges. Reducing our carbon footprint by travelling less frequently to and from the Hospice has also been a high priority, saving time, too. 

Clinical colleagues had reported they were sometimes reluctant to make calls to patients or family members due to a shortage of dedicated private spaces around the building. It was felt that people receiving the calls would not feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues if they could see or hear activity going on in the background. Confidential pod

Three Pods have now been installed at the Hospice and are being used by our Wellbeing team, our Hospice at Home team, Doctors, Consultants, Clinical Secretaries and our Bereavement and Spiritual Care teams.  

Once the Pods were in situ our IT colleagues installed screens, dongles and other equipment to facilitate online consultations. The Pods can now be booked by colleagues via our room and desk booking system and iPads outside each Pod provide live booking information. 

Early feedback from colleagues has been positive: 

“Thanks for these new additions. We are regularly using these when they are free for making calls to patients who’ve been referred to us – in a busy office of 4 or 5, with people popping in or on virtual meetings, it is not always easy to be able to focus fully and sensitively on the person on the other end of the line.”