We are committed to working towards becoming an anti-racist organisation, which will take time and dedication from everybody at Princess Alice Hospice. We’re looking inwards first before we feel able to commit to this publicly with authenticity, which can only be done when we know the set of actions we have started to take are working to bring about real change. We will be sharing various aspects of this work with our volunteers later this year.

Our anti-racism working group comprises members of our senior management team, our Deputy Chair of Trustees and other staff members. The group meets regularly and decided that engaging staff with Race Equality Week 2024 would be a great way to highlight why this area of work is so important.

It was felt that learning from the easy-to-follow resources provided by the Race Equality Matters charitable organisation was an effective way for our staff to learn more about different aspects of racism. Each day during the February awareness week, colleagues received an email from Nigel Seymour, our Chief Executive, linking to powerful resources on particular themes:

Day One: It’s not micro: this powerful video illustrates this topic

Day Two: Different cultures: this blog explains more

Day Three: Recognition and praise: this video explains why recognition and praise matter at work

Day Four: Belonging: this video explains how we build a culture of belonging

Day Five: Our commitments: we asked colleagues to commit to a personal action they could take to tackle racial inequality.

Staff members were asked to devote 5 minutes over 5 days to the resources shared, which remain available on our intranet, Hospice Hub, to refer to when colleagues have more time or would like to learn more about a particular topic.

On Day Five, colleagues were asked to commit to an action that would help us work towards becoming an anti-racist organisation. We were pleased with the number and range of commitments made and were pleased the week had been so valuable.

The actions we’re taking to bring about a culture of belonging are ongoing.