This summer, the way Princess Alice Hospice will raise lottery income has changed as we have joined Local Hospice Lottery.  We’ll raise more income from the weekly lottery, which means we’ll be able to contribute more to the cost of the essential care we provide to the local community - whilst also offering a larger top prize and a larger overall prize fund at the same time.  

Princess Alice Hospice provides free, high-quality, specialist end of life care to tens of thousands of people across a large part of Surrey, south west London and Middlesex. We want to provide these communities with the best care and support before, during and after death and we are passionate about making sure we try and reach everybody who needs us within our care area. We know we can’t prevent death, but we do everything we can to make it the best it possibly can be, because above all we believe that hospice care is for living. 

It costs £10m a year to year to maintain our services free at the point of delivery. With limited NHS funding we rely on our local community to raise vital funds to ensure we can continue to make an impact. It is only through the extraordinary generosity of all our supporters and volunteers – donating time, money and resources – that we are able to deliver against our strategic objectives and plan for the future. The Lottery is one really important way for us to secure these vital funds, and we believe that Local Hospice Lottery will help us raise even more, so that we can provide more care when it matters most. 

What is Local Hospice Lottery? 

Weekly prizes: £2,000 £1,000 rollover £100 8 x £25 190 x £10 201 weekly prizes totalling £5,200 Rollover can reach as high as £25,000 £10,000 superdraws Every March, September Plus Annual Christmas Super Draw with up to 8 extra chances per game number to win £10,000Local Hospice Lottery is an incredibly successful partnership that has been running since 2008 and currently supports 32 hospices throughout Great Britain through its weekly draw. At present, it has £5,200 in prizes each week, including a guaranteed weekly top prize of £2,000, and a rollover prize that can reach as much as £25,000! 

Working together to raise more funds 

By working with Local Hospice Lottery, we aim to raise at least £1.4 million for Princess Alice Hospice over the next five years.  With more guaranteed prizes and more money for us, I hope you will agree that we have made the right decision. 

Have any questions? 

If you’re a Lottery player and have any queries, or are interesting in joining the lottery, please don’t hesitate to contact Local Hospice Lottery using their Freephone number 0800 316 0645 or via email at