Wooden Welcome signWhat makes you feel you belong somewhere? What do you think can stop people feeling they belong somewhere? What do we even mean by belonging?

At Princess Alice Hospice, we want everybody to feel that they belong here, whether they are being cared for by us, or whether they walk through our doors as a visitor, a colleague, a volunteer, or they are working in our shops or visiting people at home in our communities.

We are proud to be a values-led organisation, and our I-CARE values inform the behaviours of our staff and volunteers every day. We know we also need to go further and create a culture where everybody feels they really can be themselves, celebrate their differences and bring their ‘whole’, real selves here. As an organisation wanting to attract the best people to work and volunteer with us, we know that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings plenty of other benefits, too: greater productivity; more creativity; the ability to be more reflective and understanding of the communities we work in, and an ability to share a deeper understanding of the changing needs and wishes of the people we care for. Our services are not always accessed equally by people across our care area and we are putting those under-represented communities at the forefront of this work. It’s a central theme of our strategy too, which places people at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to continuing this vital work and look forward to the positive changes we will see to the services we deliver to everybody in our community.

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