Our Wellbeing Centre at Princess Alice Hospice Nurses discussing aromatherapy oilshas opened its complementary therapy doors once again, following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.
During the lockdowns, we provided aroma stick inhalers to our community of patients and carers to try and provide some much-needed support. Our aroma inhalers have become very popular with those we support, with one patient saying: “I thought they were a bit of a gimmick, but I actually found they work, it’s certainly eased my anxiety,” while another patient told us that “being able to sleep through the night without waking up has made such a difference to me and my partner”.
Aroma stick inhalers are custom-blended essential oils mixed specifically to meet the needs of our patients and carers, to ensure they get the best results possible from them.

Bottles of aromatherapy oils

Therapy treatments in our Wellbeing Centre have returned in the form of Reiki, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. Patients and their carers are offered treatments so that they can enjoy a morning or afternoon here at the Hospice, as well as delicious refreshments or lunches in our dining room. Feedback we have received has been very positive: “When you called and offered us the treatment sessions, we thought it would be lovely to come and have lunch too because we haven’t actually been to the Hospice and what a surprise – it’s so beautiful and lively. We’ve really enjoyed our visit.” After a back massage treatment, another person told us: “It was so wonderful and really special – such a relaxing treatment. I live alone and can’t do much for my back, so to have this and be made to feel so special was lovely. What a wonderful place this is.”

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