When time is short, most people would prefer to be cared for in their own homes surrounded by the people and things they hold dear. Our Hospice at Home team supports people with this wish, providing care and support that lets them stay in their home, when it matters most.

Our team of nurses and doctors care for over 2,200 patients every year with around 800 people being looked after at any one time. Most importantly at the heart of every visit, the team are providing compassionate and vital care, support and advice to patients and their families and carers in the place they want to be.

“They were an amazing safety net, and we were able to care for my husband ourselves right up to his peaceful death. We felt amazingly supported by everyone.’

Hopsice at Home nurse Sarah with carCurrently, our Hospice at Home team uses an inherited pool car, which has allowed the team to carry out some of the visits to patients under our care since they acquired it in 2022. However, the car is now 8 years old and is no longer fit for purpose, as is not big enough to carry the various pieces of medical equipment and supplies which are needed or reliable enough to be in constant use. We need to raise the funds to provide a new hybrid pool car for the team, allowing greater flexibility for their home visits and a designated parking space in the Hospice car park, which if you’ve visited the Hospice, will save a great deal of time! This may also help with parking when visiting patients and support our commitment to being more environmentally friendly.

Can you help us secure a new pool car for the team? If you’d like to have a chat about any ideas to raise funds or access sources of funding, please do let us know.

Alternatively, if you would be interested in donating towards a new Hospice at Home car we’d be delighted to talk through further.

Please get in touch with Michelle Gulliver at michellegulliver@pah.org.uk or on 01372 461 980.