Earlier this year, Nicki announced she was stepping down as Chief Executive Officer of the Hospice and that her final day in post would be Thursday 14 December. Since relocating to Newcastle with her husband to be closer to family, Nicki has undertaken the lengthy train journey from the north to Esher each week, a commute she is unlikely to miss.   

Nicki ShawNicki joined the Hospice over 12 years ago and her impact across the organisation has been immense and felt at every level. Under her leadership, we have received two Outstanding rated Charity Quality Commission inspections, including one during the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the innumerable challenges those difficult times brought to all of us. We have expanded our services to people in our local community, we have refitted our beautiful building and we have worked through a wide variety of continuous improvement projects within successful strategic periods, all overseen by Nicki.   

However, for many of us it’s the organisation’s values-led culture of belonging that has been Nicki’s greatest achievement. As our CEO, Nicki has led by example and embodied our I-CARE values; she has also worked hard to create developmental opportunities for colleagues. She has been surrounded by a loyal Senior Leadership Team and has brought together a group of highly skilled, dedicated senior managers who form the Extended Leadership Group; all these colleagues have participated in Stepping into Leadership training and have felt empowered to work independently and support their teams. Apprenticeships have provided fantastic educational opportunities to colleagues in many areas; some who may not have had educational opportunities earlier in life and some who have found their passion lies in a new path that their role here has allowed them to pursue. 

We said a fond farewell and thank you to Nicki at a leaving event we held for her at the Hospice just before she left and we wish Nigel Seymour every success in his role as Acting Chief Executive Officer.