We hope this regular series provides an interesting insight into the compassionate, dedicated people we employ to support our patients and their families.
Carole Cousins smiling at her desk

How many people would you come into contact with?
Depends on whether I am teaching or not.
If I am in the office, it would be my lovely Education and Research Team Colleagues. If teaching, it can vary from 5-20 depending on the type of course I am teaching

What’s your favourite task?
Organising things. I am a very organised person and love planning education sessions and programmes.

Which task do you dislike the most?
Driving to places to teach as I am always getting lost due to my terrible sense of direction!!!

What’s the most interesting thing about your job?
Meeting people from all areas of the healthcare sector when I am teaching. This includes care home staff, district nursing teams, GPs, paramedics and domiciliary carers, many of whom are from different cultural backgrounds.

What do you think other people would be surprised to know about your role?
That I go out to many different places to teach our courses, including care homes, community nursing hubs, GP practices, domiciliary care agencies throughout the whole PAH care area.

Is this the first time you’ve been in a role of this kind?
This is my first educational role, although I have been in this role for nearly 8 years now. Before that I had only ever been working clinically as a registered nurse.

What skills do you need to do your job?
Communication skills and the ability to build relationships with others are the most important part of the role.
Flexibility to the changing demands of the role is also important. This includes the different techniques involved in teaching remotely online or face to face and within the differing environments in which I teach.

Who have you learned the most from at Princess Alice Hospice?
I have worked at the Hospice for 18 years now and have been able to progress in my roles throughout that time. I value the ‘can do’ attitude and support given in all aspects of the working environment.

What’s the last thing you do before you leave at the end of the day?
Tidy up!!!