This month, we talk to Caroline, our Legacy Officer, about what a typical 24 hours in her role looks like:

CarolineCould you tell us a little bit about your role at Princess Alice Hospice?

A Legacy Officer’s role is essentially to communicate well with supporters and fulfil stewardship plans. I also help to develop and implement opportunities to promote legacy giving, both internally and externally.

What’s the first thing you do on a typical day?

Check my diary and emails whilst sipping my coffee!

Do you speak with many people outside of the organisation?

Yes, I speak with pledgers – those kind people who have pledged to leave a donation to us in their Will – on the phone and conduct tours of the Hospice with supporters. It’s always a pleasure meeting people who have a particular interest in our work and that’s something I really like to do – they are often surprised by the wide range of services we provide.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

Meeting supporters, writing challenges and designing our team’s Christmas card.

Is there anything about your job that you don’t particularly enjoy?

Using Mailchimp software and working with jot forms – thank goodness for our marketing team for helping me out sometimes!

Is there a particular ‘stand out’ moment that you can share with us?

The calls I make to pledgers can be challenging. There are always some supporters who really don’t want to hear from you or may have picked up the phone at a bad time for them, which is completely understandable. However, for some people I will be the only voice they hear that day and they are so grateful for a chat. I have been amazed and honoured by what they have shared with me about their lives, it feels a real privilege that they have trusted me in that way.

What do you think other people would be surprised to know about your role?

That you can laugh and that our work is frequently incredibly joyful and uplifting.

What work have you done previously that led you to your current job here?

I have had a very varied working life and my role immediately before here was assisting the Practice Manager for two GP surgeries, which involved lots of people contact and lots of problem solving.

What skills do you think you need to do your job?

I think you need strong verbal and written communication skills, an ability to build rapport with supporters and friends of Princess Alice Hospice. Most importantly, this role requires tact, diplomacy and the ability to be empathetic. People are trusting us with extremely sensitive details about their lives and we never forget that.

Who have you learned the most from at Princess Alice Hospice?

Everybody in our big open plan office, including our wonderful volunteers.

What tends to be the last thing you do before you leave at the end of the day?

Check that I’ve switched my monitor screen off, wiped my desk down and left my desk tidy!