The Board meets regularly throughout the year to set and review strategies, policies, budgets, plans and performance. Committees support plans by providing expertise and focus on key strategic areas. Members of the Hospice’s Senior Leadership Team provide reports for both Board and Committee meetings and attend and take part in the discussion.

​How the Board works

The Board has delegated some of its powers and responsibilities to the following committees:

  • Finance and Resources
  • Audit and Risk
  • Clinical and Community Quality Assurance
  • Income Generation
  • Remuneration and Nominations

Members of the Senior Leadership Team will also attend committee meetings relevant to them. Each committee’s chair reports back to the Board on the major issues discussed by the committee since the last Board meeting. They also report on any decisions made as well as relevant decisions that need to be made by the Board. Minutes of committee meetings are circulated to the Board.

The Board defines and reviews which matters are its own responsibility, which matters can be delegated to its committees and which management and operational matters can be delegated to the Chief Executive.

The Board then allows the Chief Executive to sub-delegate these matters to members of the Senior Leadership Team and other staff.

Our statements

Remuneration statement

We recognise that we are accountable to our beneficiaries, supporters, volunteers, employees and the public and are committed to raising transparency and accountability. We have a duty to deliver our services effectively and maximise use of our resources and to do this we need to attract and retain suitably qualified people with the right skills, knowledge and experience. 

Because we deliver healthcare services to NHS patients we are commissioned by the NHS and have to abide by the same regulatory framework. We are registered with the CQC and subject to their inspection regime and as our regulators they require that the Hospice is run by suitably qualified professionals. We directly employ medical consultants, doctors, nurses and other allied professional healthcare staff who are paid at a rate equivalent to the relevant national scale for their profession.

For the remainder of our roles when setting salaries we take into account the knowledge, skills, experience and effort needed for the job and market forces affecting recruitment. We benchmark against available information such as comparable roles being advertised locally and charity salary surveys. We take part in salary surveys ourselves and benchmark against a range of our peers.

The table below appears in our Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2023 and shows the number of staff earning over £60,000:

£60,000 to £69,99934
£70,000 to £79,99913
£80,000 to £89,99953
£90,000 to £99,99921
£100,000 to £109,99911

Included in the number above are medical consultants, doctors and other senior clinical staff directly employed by the Hospice who are paid at a rate equivalent to the relevant NHS scale. Our Chief Executive is the individual whose salary lies in the band £90,000 to £99,999.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the pay of the Chief Executive and senior leadership team. The Board delegates this responsibility to the Remuneration and Nominations Committee which is chaired by the Chair of Trustees and comprises the Chairs of the four Board Committees . The Committee sets the pay of the Executive Team based on performance and achievement against objectives and comparison with the market, in the context of the Hospice’s financial position and any annual pay award.