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Our team

So many people help make the Hospice a special place, from our amazing volunteers and supporters to our dedicated clinical staff and support teams.

  • Heather Allen, Senior Staff Nurse
  • Bala Balasingham, Housekeeping
  • David Dumville, Chef
  • Steve Nolan, Chaplain
  • Junior Adjepong, Maintenance Technician
  • Clair Sadler, Senior Lecturer
  • Kathy Birch, Day Hospice Manager
  • Del Hughes, Ward Manager
  • Gill Sansom, Welfare Benefits/Social Work Assistant
  • Sarah Dowd, social worker

Emily East

“When I started working at the Hospice I wasn’t sure what to expect. emily-east-113x171But we have a lot of fun and it’s great to support the fundraisers and their crazy challenges! It feels rewarding to know we are all doing our bit to keep the Hospice going, as every day I see they fantastic work they do for local people.”


– Emily East, Community and Events Fundraiser



Catriona Campbell-Baigrie


“Coming from a very intensive, busy background, where I had been one-to-one nursing critically ill patients, I was worried about taking on a ward of patients with differing needs. However, the staffing levels at the Hospice are excellent and there is a wonderfully collaborative sense of teamwork here. Everyone is well supported and able to give the time to patients, relatives and each other.”


“I am very glad I made the move to come and work at Princess Alice Hospice. It is a lovely and happy environment to work in; everyone is very friendly and welcoming.”





Heather Allen

Senior Staff Nurse

Heather Allen, Senior Staff Nurse“I once sat with a wife of a patient who is entering the terminal phase. She talked to me about their life stories and how she was going to miss him so much and didn’t know how she would live without him and she had a cry. She then apologised to me for “burdening” me with her sorrow. I am not good with words but this for me is what I love best about my job, being there for patients and loved ones and having the privilege to share their memories and to give comfort. Often there are no words but to just be there and listen and provide a comforting touch. This is my job satisfaction and I cannot imagine working anywhere other than Princess Alice Hospice.”

Bala Balasingham


Bala Balasingham, Housekeeping

“The housekeeping team at Princess Alice Hospice is very close, we meet each day during our breaks and chat. Everyone is willing to help each other out so that we can all make a difference. It is wonderful knowing that what we do ensures every patient and their family benefits from a comfortable, clean and relaxed environment. We help to make the Hospice a home from home.”

David Dumville


David Dumville, Chef“The catering team at Princess Alice Hospice all hold one view – that the patient always comes first. Each day I come to work knowing that I am helping to make a patients’ time more comfortable and that I am bringing a bit of pleasure. Food is something that we need, it is also something that we enjoy. The catering team is able to go that extra mile and it is so rewarding seeing patients, their families, staff and volunteers enjoying the food you have made.”

Steve Nolan


Steve Nolan, Chaplain“I’ve worked at the Hospice since 2004. I’d have to say, it is the best job I’ve ever had. Personally, I find working with the people we care for can be very challenging. But I think many of us sense that we are able to make a difference where it matters. I also feel that I’ve grown as a person since I began working here.”

Junior Adjepong

Maintenance Technician

Junior Adjepong, Maintenance Technician“It is very rewarding to work for an organisation that helps so many patients and their families and one that can make such a difference to them when it matters. I get the opportunity to work for all the departments around the Hospice and on the ward. I realise that the smallest things I do can make a real difference, for example when I have managed to get the radiators working in a bedroom and I get a big smile and a thank you.”

Clair Sadler

Senior Lecturer

Clair Sadler, Senior Lecturer“I really enjoy my job in the education department at the Hospice. I enjoy the range of people I get to meet and the education we provide. Education is so important and I love sharing knowledge on end of life care with other professionals, volunteers and carers.”

Kathy Birch

Day Hospice Manager

Kathy Birch, Day Hospice Manager“Managing the Day Hospice is so varied. We have regular groups and outpatient appointments for people needing support from our multi-professional team, but we also have pamper days, Christmas parties and visiting celebrities. We’ve even had a mobile zoo come along, complete with snakes, giant cockroaches and a rat!”

Del Hughes

Ward Manager

Del Hughes, Ward Manager“I love that every day my role as Ward Manager is completely unpredictable. One day I might be guiding and advising staff in the care of patients and the next I could be trying to make sure that there are enough staff to care for patients during a blizzard when the “wrong sort of” snow is causing travel disruptions. On one occasion I have even had to accommodate a litter of puppies being born in a patient’s room as a final request. It is my privilege to be part of the Hospice team.”

Gill Sansom

Welfare Benefits/Social Work Assistant

Gill Sansom, Welfare Benefits/Social Work Assistant

“If you can take a bit of pressure off money wise, the rest of it seems to just slowly fall into place.”

Sarah Dowd

Social worker

Sarah Dowd, social worker“Patients and their families share with us their stories, relationships and fears and I always respect the enormity of them allowing us to support and advocate for them. How we die is just as important as how we choose to live and I hope my role enables them to have the same choices at their end of life.”


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