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Income and expenditure

Financial summary


For every pound we raise we spend 84 pence on our care and support



At Princess Alice Hospice we want to make sure as much of our income as possible is spent on providing specialist care and support for our patients, their families and carers.

In the financial year 2016-2017, we were able to spend 84 pence of every £1 on care and support.

Like all charities, we have to spend money to raise money. This spending adds up to only 11 pence in every £1.

For further information, read our remuneration statement.


It costs over £9.5 million to provide our much needed free care services and 74% of our income is generated through fundraising.
It is the ongoing generous support of our local community that makes it possible for us to do our work.


All our care is provided free of charge for our community.

Demand for our specialist services has continued to increase and we have reinvested in developing our services to reach out to even more people in need


Trustees’ Annual Report 2017

Further information about the Hospice, including details about our services and our achievements, as well as financial details – can be found in the Trustees’ Annual Report.



Download the Full Trustees’ Annual Report (pdf)








Download the Summary Trustees’ Annual Report (pdf)








To read our Full or Summary reports online please click here
For and infographic with more facts about our achievements in 2016-2017 click here


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