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How we are governed

Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the Hospice’s strategy and performance. It is chaired by Professor Fiona Ross.


The Board meets regularly throughout the year to consider, set and review strategies, policies, budgets, plans and performance. Members of the Hospice’s Senior Management Team provide reports for these meetings; and they and a representative of the Friends’ Committees attend the meetings and take part in the discussion.


The Board has delegated some of its powers and responsibilities to the following committees:

  • Clinical Strategy
  • Finance
  • Fundraising and Communication
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Remuneration

There is also an Audit Sub-Committee, which reports to the Finance Committee. Each committee has written terms of reference that define its procedures, responsibilities and any areas where the committee has the authority to make decisions without consulting the Board. These terms are agreed by the Board and reviewed annually. The membership of committees is made up of Trustees and specific individuals selected as committee members, as described in more detail below. Members of the Senior Management Team also attend committee meetings relevant to them. Each committee’s chairman reports to the Board on the major issues discussed by the committee since the last Board meeting, any decisions made as well as relevant decisions that need to be made by the Board. Minutes of committee meetings are circulated to the Board.


The Board defines and reviews which matters are its own responsibility, which matters can be delegated to its committees and which management and operational matters can be delegated to the Chief Executive. The Board allows the Chief Executive to sub-delegate these matters to members of the Senior Management Team and other staff.


Our committees

The Clinical Strategy Committee is chaired by Jane Hogg and is responsible for overseeing clinical strategy and education. It monitors day to day clinical operations and performance against the annual clinical business plan and education business plan. It brings any divergence from the plan to the Board’s attention, recommending action where necessary. It also oversees relationships with our health and social care partners regarding grants, contracts and service level agreements. The committee monitors health and education policies and keeps the Board informed as appropriate.


The Finance Committee is chaired by Peter Quest and oversees the finances of the Hospice and all its subsidiary companies. It is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board the financial strategy and the annual budget and monitors performance against these. The committee also oversees the strategy for investing Hospice funds and keeps the Board informed of relevant general changes in the financial environment.


The Fundraising and Communication Committee is chaired by Jeannine Nolan and deals with fundraising activities (except for NHS grants and retail income), as well as communicating the Hospice’s vision, mission and services to patients, carers, healthcare professionals and the public. It reviews the fundraising and communication strategy and business plans before passing them to the Board for approval.


The Governance Committee is chaired by Fiona Ross and deals with the corporate governance of the Hospice. It is responsible for overseeing the annual review of major risks and reports on this and other matters to the Board. This committee also reports to the Board on any changes that may need to be made in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

The Infrastructure Committee is chaired by Christopher Roshier and is responsible for overseeing the Hospice’s physical infrastructure and recommending to the Board, after consultation with the Finance Committee regarding funding and renovations that it considers advantageous to that infrastructure. It is also responsible for monitoring progress regarding any renovations being carried out at the Hospice and advising the Board on overcoming any issues that arise with such projects.


The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Fiona Ross and meets once a year to consider salary increases for the Chief Executive and members of the Senior Management Team as well as overall remuneration policy.


The Retail Committee is chaired by Despina Don-Wauchope and oversees all matters relating to the retail operations of the Hospice. It reviews the retail strategy and the annual retail business plan before passing these to the Board for approval. It monitors the wider retail environment, particularly for charities, and is responsible for entering into and renewing property leases for shops.

Our sub-committees

The Audit Sub-Committee is chaired by Peter Quest and deals with all audit and internal control matters relating to the Hospice and all subsidiary companies. It reports to the Finance Committee. It manages the relationship with the external auditors and reviews their work on an annual basis before recommending, or not, their reappointment. It reviews, and recommends to the Finance Committee, the annual financial statements and also reviews, on a regular basis, controls over operational matters, both financial and other.

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