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Bereavement support

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The illness and death of someone you love can have a profound and lasting impact – at any age. We know that everyone responds to grief in their own way. Our specially trained team of bereavement volunteers offer vital support for families including young children and teenagers to help you through the stages of your grief. We offer one to one sessions or group support.

Bereavement support

Walk and talk

Our new Walk and Talk gives you the chance to meet and share experiences with others who are bereaved and benefit from some fresh air and a leisurely walk.


Bushy Park Walk and Talk

First Thursday in the month, 11 am.

Meet at 10.45am near The Pheasantry Café in Bushy Park.


Richmond Walk and Talk.
Wednesday 9 July, 10 September and 8 October.
Meet at 10.45am at Pembroke Lodge.

Family bereavement evenings

Join one of the groups for children, teenagers, and partners or guardians during our family bereavement evenings.

Second Tuesday of every month, 4.30pm – 6pm.

Bereavement support group

Attend our informal coffee mornings to talk, listen and gain support with others going through a similar experience.

Second Monday of every month 11am – 12.30pm.

‘Closed’ bereavement group

If you prefer small groups, we periodically run ‘closed’ groups. This is where (the same) 6 people meet for 8 consecutive sessions. In a smaller group it is often easier to build trust, open up and share with each other; everyone is asked to maintain confidentiality. Some people find the groups very supportive and people continue to meet up outside of the hospice after the group ends.

The next closed group will start in September.


If you would be interested, please contact Ange / Ruby on 01372 461805.


I benefited from speaking with the team both before and after Andy’s death, and the bereavement group has been a tremendous support.



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